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New Machines and Upgrades
  -New computers built to specifications designed with the features you will actually use and your budget in mind.
-General upgrade to today's demands or isolated upgrades for additional system requirements that arise.

Security and Monitoring

-Remove spyware, viruses, worms, etc., and set up a proper firewall and anti-virus solution for an increasingly troublesome internet environment.
-Monitor your machines users and internet traffic.

Equipment Set up and Networking
  -Attach and configure any new equipment you may aquire such as a printer, camera, scanner, etc.
-Set up your secure home or small business network either wired or wireless.

Customization and Training
  -Customize Windows visually and functionally to make your life easier and train you in the use of your programs.
- I will patiently lead you through the maze and make sure you are comfortable with your technology.

Webpage Design
  I have hundreds of website designs available, from a one page personal presence, to corporate identity packages including logo design. I can whip up a personalized sample for you in one day.

And a whole lot more... just call or