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Good As New

A painfully slow computer may just need some maintenance.
I will save your personal files and check them for viruses. Then I will reformat the drive, and re-install Windows and all your personal files. This will restore your machine to it's original speed while keeping most of your personal data and work intact.

Reg. Price $200.00

Sale Price: $129.00

This price includes preservation of all requested files and a cd copy of same.

New Customer Discount
Blatant bribery

25% off Labor

I am hoping a little savings will get you in my door.
Then once you know me and my work I believe I will be the only computer guy you will ever need.

Senior Citizen Discount
sunset years

50% Off Labor

If needed, seniors are more than welcome to a break on my labor charges.


I will do my best to get you what you need at a price you can afford.


From the Owner

I am here to offer honest, capable, and friendly service to home or small business computer users in Lemont, Illinois and any surrounding communities. I have lived here for thirty some years and plan to stay for thirty more.

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While my goals include making Technoworries a successful business, both respected and thought well of in this community and this industry, my success must be accompanied by happiness and good conscience or I am not interested.

So far I can proudly say that all of my customers have been pleased with my service and I would consider myself a friend to each one of them.


Steve Andrews

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